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Zhongshan Xiangrong caster manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, in 2012 to create the  brand casters - SRC

         SRC is committed to become China's first brand casters in this era, only persistent person canstrong!

         The SRC brand, the first brand of Chinese casters should first be Chinese, therefore, from do poineering work must pay great efforts!

         The SRC brand has always been committed to China's castor industry BMW, Chinese culture of precipitation, the interpretation of SRC brand essence. The SRC brand that entrepreneurialtalent, but by the heart

After years of market tests, in China, the SRC image of the store has been deeply involved in the one two three cities, in the international, SRC image shop has opened in more than 10 countries,has become a symbol of high-quality casters quality!

         SRC brand with the brand image of the unique brand culture, brand new, comprehensiveconsolidation in China castor industry, open the brand extension services. The brand concept of "low carbon, environmental protection, safety, high efficiency", represents the SRC brand years of persistence; committed to manufacturing for the global use of the caster, is the SRC brandmission.

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